Forces on Rider

Standard      Test

Effective Frontal Area
(0.4 to 0.7 is typical, m2)
Drag Coefficient
(Use default value).

Bike Weight (kg)

Rider Weight (kg)

Wheel Weight (kg)
Front Wheel Inertia
(kg m^2)
Front Wheel
Drag Coefficient

Front Wheel Radius (m)

Wheel Weight

Rear Wheel Inertia
(kg m^2)

Rear Wheel
Drag Coefficient

Rear Wheel Radius (m)

Rear Wheel Shelter (%)

Speed (m/s)
Wind Speed(m/s)
(from straight ahead)

Air Density

(or Air Density from Temperature, Barometric Pressure, and altitude).
Sea Level   1.226
1500 Meters   1.056
3000 Meters   0.905

Coefficient of Rolling Resistance
Wooden Track 0.001
Smooth Concrete 0.002
Asphalt Road 0.004
Rough but Paved Road 0.008

Grade of Hill


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