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Speed is estimated based on rider power and the forces acting on a rider from wind resistance, rolling resistance, and gravity.

This form can be used to answer the following questions: 

  • At a given power level, how does speed change as the slope gets steeper?
  • If Frontal Area can be reduced, how does speed change?
  • How does speed change as power increases?

(See Power for details on the definitions of parameters.)   

Example, Speed For Given Power 
Speed For These Parameters  7.46  m/s 
Power  250  watts 
Frontal Area  0.5  m2 
Coefficient Wind Drag  0.5  Dimensionless 
Air Density  1.226  kg/m3 
Weight Rider & Bike  75  kg 
Coefficient of Rolling  0.004  Dimensionless 
Slope of Hill  0.03  decimal 




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