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Conditions change:   wheels, air density, speeds.  Pick a gear based on expected conditions.

Some times a rider wants to pick a gear based on conditions.  This could be for a fast points race with a new set of wheels.  It could be selection of morning or evening session (most favorable air density) for a qualifying time.  It could be a chainring, cog, wheel diameter to meet junior gear restrictions.  It could be a low gear for a long climb, a high gear for a fast, downhill.

Sample Output:

Recommended Gear
Closest Gear  51x14    
Gear Inch, Closest  96.2  inch 
Rollout, Closest  7.679  m 
Maximum Speed  16  m/s 
Wheel Diameter  671  mm 
Desired Gear Inch  96.2  inch 
Desired Rollout  7.680  m 
Frontal Area  0.5  m2 
Coefficient Wind Drag  0.5  dimensionless 
Air Density  1.226  kg/m3 
Weight  75.  kg 
Coefficient of Rolling  0.004  dimensionless 
Effective Stroke  70.  degree 
Grade  0.  decimal 
Wind Resistance  39.2  kg m/s2 
Rolling Resistance  2.9  kg m/s2 
Slope Force  0.0  kg m/s2 
Crank Length  170.  mm 
Maximum Cadence  125.  rev/min 
Pedal Speed  2.2  m/s 
Average Pedal Force  303.  kg m/s2 
Effective Pedal Force  780.  kg m/s2 
Power  675.  watts 

Speed vs Cadence for Recommended Gear

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