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"Riding Wide, Pursuit"
Riding a Level Path on a Level Velodrome
The rider rides a level path from the end of the turn to the center of the straight and on to the next turn. Here is the elevation traced by the rider. The path is level and along the measurement line as one would expect.
Here is the path along one straight exaggerated to show the detail.
Data for case:
Nominal path Length 4000.00 m
Calculated wheel path Length 3999.84 m
Time for pursuit, seconds 282.37 s
Time for pursuit, min:sec 4:42.37 min:sec
Average speed for pursuit 14.17 m/s
Length of path of center of mass 3922.97 m
Average speed for center of mass 13.89 m/s
Total work 136215. N m
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